The CXRS suite at ASDEX Upgrade consists of 5 core diagnostics and 4 edge systems viewing either beam  source #3 of the neutral beam injection (NBI) box 1 or beam source #8 of NBI box 2. The diagnostics provide high-resolution measurements of impurity ion temperature, density and rotation profiles both in the toroidal and poloidal direction.

The edge CXRS diagnostic suite

ASDEX Upgrade is equipped with two edge CXRS diagnostics at the LFS and two systems at the HFS. The LFS systems are focused on the center of beam #3, while the HFS diagnostics are based on CXRS on a thermal gas puff. On both sides, one diagnostic is viewing the plasma in the toroidaland one in the poloidal direction, thus allowing CXRS measurements at two different positions along the flux surfaces. Combining the measurements of a poloidal and toroidal diagnostic also enables the evaluation of the edgeradial electric field using the radial force balance equation:

More details on the edge CXRS diagnostics at AUG can be found in:
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