Topics and Plenary Speakers

Topic 1: Effect of isotope mass on transport and confinement

Plenary speakers:

Costanza Maggi, Overview of past observations and recent experiments

Yann Camenen, Overview of theoretical interpretations and current status of modelling

  • Role of equipartition and ion versus electron heat transport
  • Isotope effects on pedestal stability and scrape-off layer
  • Effect of isotope mass on particle transport
  • Impact on the L-H transition

Topic 2: Multi-channel core transport and integrated modeling

Plenary speaker: Francis Casson, Overview on theoretical and experimental results on multi-channel core modelling

  • Integrated heat, particle (multiple species), and momentum transport investigations
  • Impact of micro-turbulence on macroscopic quantities: measurements and modeling
  • Bridging the gap to reactor relevant predictive capability: D-T, fast alphas, impurity control, intrinsic rotation, SOL to core

Topic 3: Energetic particle transport and control techniques

Plenary speaker: William Heidbrink, Overview on recent theoretical and experimental results

  • Energetic particle sources in fusion plasmas
  • Interplay between energetic particles and plasma fluctuations including 3D effects
  • Active control of the energetic particle distribution and associated plasma stability

Topic 4: Towards plasma exhaust predictions for ITER and beyond

Plenary speaker: Federico Halpern, Overview of theoretical and experimental results on SOL profiles and transport

  • Can we predict λq in ITER reliably with our current experiments and numerical codes?
  • SOL modelling and comparison with the experiments
  • Particle transport in the SOL, wall loads and integration of conflicting requirements : the next challenges
  • Effect of connection length and magnetic geometry in the divertor on heat flux mitigation and detachment

The three shorter afternoon sessions are dedicated to:

  • L-H transition physics and plasma operation close to the threshold and Pedestal physics
  • 3D, RMP and MHD turbulence interplay
  • Fundamental turbulence understanding