Welcome to the home page of the 6th EUROfusion Work Package
JT-60SA (WPSA), Project Planning Meeting (PPM)

The main scope of this meeting is the presentation and discussion of the project activities within the EUROfusion work package WPSA (Preparation and Exploitation of JT-60SA). This work package is in support of a European exploitation of JT-60SA within the broader approach. The main objective is to prepare for a high level EU participation in JT-60SA scientific exploitation, fully integrated in the EU fusion programme. You can find the latest information on the activities carried out within the WPSA project in the WPSA wiki page.

The meeting will include both plenary and parallel working sessions. Videoconference will also be available.

Useful documents:
The research objectives and strategy of the JT-60SA experiment are described in the JT-60SA Research Plan (SARP). To find the latest version of the SARP please follow the link that appears in the main public pages of the JT-60SA web site (a link to the JT-60SA Research Plan should be visible at the beginning of the first page).

Local Organizer

  • Manuel Garcia-Muñoz
  • Juan Ayllon-Guerola

To contact the local organizing committee please email us at wpsappm2019@psft.eu